JoshSQUASH Level Sheets

It’s my strong belief that to improve at squash, a player needs a good combination of coaching (either through private lessons or group classes), game-play (whether it be matches in tournaments, club ladders, or simply playing a friend), and finally solo hitting. This means getting on court by yourself to hit that ball over and over again.

Level sheets are task sheets designed for your kids to do solo practice on specific shots. When a level sheet is completed it needs to be turned in to me. Once 10 of the same level sheets are turned in that player may move on to the next level.
When players complete a level, they will receive a trophy with their name on it in June, during the JoshSQUASH Awards Night. There are 9 levels and each level becomes more difficult. The trophies get larger with each level as well.

Level sheets are available to download below or are located on the wall behind squash court B at the NYSC.

Download JoshSquash Level Tests

pdf JOSHSquash Level One Test
pdf JOSHSquash Level Two Test
pdf JOSHSquash Level Three Test
pdf JOSHSquash Level Four Test
pdf JOSHSquash Level Five Test

Tournament Cheat Sheet

For first-time tournament players or those who like guidelines, please click below for the Tournament Cheat-sheet that will help your “squasher” make the most of his/her tournament experience.

pdf Tournament Match Cheat Sheet


Squash Player Release Form

Recommended Websites


US Squash: A great source for junior and adult events in the US.

College Squash association (CSC): Everything on US colleget squash.

Squash Site: Based out of the UK has all of the nitty gritty and the skinny on the world squash scene.

Women Squash Association: A good quick way to stay up on women’s squash on an international level.

Squash Mad: International articles on squash.

Squash TV: A great website to check out squash matches and events.

Professional Squash Association (PSA):

National Urban Squash Education Association:

New York Squash: Squash in the New York City area and beyond.

Recommended Blogs

JoshSQUASH Bronze Entry Form

Please fill out the JoshSQUASH Bronze Entry Form and snail mail it to me no later than January 15th to hold a place for your squasher.